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My owners and caregivers, Linda & Bob
Boomer's world from his own viewpoint,,,,

Boomer and his master Hello! My name is Boomer. Well, actually my full name is "Bob's Baby Boomer" but everyone calls me Boomer. It's much easier that way!

I just turned a year old the end of January 2003, and although that sounds young, with my hip problems I feel much older. I live in a household with many loving friends. Besides my owners, Linda and Bob, I have another dog friend, Rama, who is a 14 yr. old cocker spaniel mix. He is fun to play with, but he isn't in such good health so I have to be careful with him. I also have four - yes, count 'em FOUR - felines to harrass. Some of them try to play with me, others just hiss and spit at me. But I really like chasing them thru the house. It's great fun!

My owners are trying their best to get me the surgery I need to survive. I am taking glucosamine (Glyco-flex) and a ligament supplement, Ligaplex, which helps a lot. So far I don't have to take any prescription medicines like Rimadyl, but that may come later. I run in the yard, play Frisbee (but I don't jump!), and chase squirrels and birds - but unfortunately I haven't caught any yet.

My big job is going with my owner Bob to help him with his newspaper delivery. I keep him company, guard him and his van, and I greet his customers and their dogs. I have made a lot of friends that way and I think it's great fun riding around the countryside all night!

Boomer, Rama, and owner Linda Isn't this a great picture? That's me and Rama - in those ridiculous Santa hats. With us is our other owner, Linda, whom you will note does NOT have a ridiculous hat. Anyway, Christmas was a great time - all those packages to tear open and all that paper and debris to strew around the house and play with - even the cats loved it!